Our Clinic

Dr Hayes and Dr Hiddle at Living Chiropractic

Living Chiropractic was founded in 2000 by two passionate chiropractors, Dr. Melissa Hayes and Dr. Raelene Hiddle.

We have a vision for patients to experience chiropractic treatment in an understanding and caring environment.

Our goal is to improve patients health and well being by taking the time to find the cause of patients health concerns with specific hands on chiropractic.

As chiropractors we adjust the spine to restore spinal function and alleviate symptoms of pain.

Since April 2000 we have been working with a wide range of patients from babies to athletes and older members of our community. We provide quality chiropractic care that spans many generations in some of our families.

At Living Chiropractic we have a highly trained team of allied health practitioners available on location, including Myotherapists and a Remedial masseur.

X-rays can be an important part of assessing your spine for chiropractic treatment.

You can find us at 12b/93 Wells Road, Chelsea Heights 3196 parking is available at all times. Enter via Enterprize Avenue and we have ample parking in the car park of the complex which don’t have a time restriction.