The key intention of chiropractic care is to detect and correct vertebral subluxations, in order to restore the healthy function of the spine and nervous system. This is what enables the body to function at its optimal potential.

All these years later research is finding a vertebral subluxation is a bone functioning or moving in an abnormal way. This abnormal movement interferes with the way spinal information is sent to the brain and through the central nervous system.

This then creates a problem with the way the brain and central nervous system process and send information.

Where Does Chiropractic Come From?

Chiropractic was founded back in 1895 by Daniel David Palmer. Palmer restored the hearing of a deaf janitor Harvey Lillard by replacing a segment in his spine that was out of alignment.

From this he determined that ‘misalignment’ spinal segments interfere with proper nerve function and that adjusting these segments back to the normal position restores nerve function.

The term vertebral subluxation was then used by our early chiropractors to describe what they were finding.

The Result of All This?

Poor control of the spine and body leading to pain and dysfunction. Your nervous system co-ordinates all bodily functions like breathing, digestion and immune function. Therefore interference to these important messages can have far reaching effects.

Chiropractic is the only profession that can determine the presence of vertebral subluxation. We adjust the spine after specific assessment and allow the body to heal itself.

Look well to the spine for the cause of Disease
Hippocrates (the father of medicine)

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