Newborn to Elderly

Variations in how we apply our technique can cater for all age groups and health circumstances (i.e. pregnancy).

Hicaps facility

We have a Hicaps facility that allows you to claim your health insurance on the spot. Only the GAP payment is necessary.

Our Passion

It is more than a job for us, it is our passion, we will care about you and your family.

Patient Education

We will help you understand your problem or health issue and keep you informed at all times.

Play Corner

Children are always welcome. We have friendly staff and a fabulous kids play corner.

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About Living Chiropractic

Living Chiropractic was founded in 2000 by two passionate Chiropractors, Dr. Melissa Hayes and Dr. Raelene Hiddle.

We have a vision for patients to experience chiropractic treatment in an understanding and caring environment.

Our goal is to improve patient’s health and well being by taking the time to find the cause of patients health concerns with specific hands on Chiropractic.

As chiropractors we adjust the spine to restore spinal function and alleviate symptoms of pain.

Our Chiropractors


Dr. Raelene Hiddle studied for seven years at RMIT University, completing a Bachelor of Applied Science in Human Biology, and a double degree in Applied Science (Clinical) and Chiropractic Science and a certificate in Paediatric Chiropractic…

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Dr. Melissa Hayes studied for seven years at RMIT University, where she completed her Bachelor of Applied Science in Human Biology , a double degree in Applied Science (Clinical) and Chiropractic Science, and a certificate in Paediatric Chiropractic…

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Dr. Michelle Clarke studied for 3 years at The University of Melbourne, completing her Bachelor of Science degree, majoring in Physiology and Biochemistry, and 5 years at RMIT University, completing her Bachelor of Applied Science (Clinical Science)…

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I graduated from RMIT in 1999 and worked in Australia before moving to the UK in 2001 where I worked more than a decade. I have owned and ran two chiropractic clinics in London. I have always had a strong interest in sport and fitness. Working initially as a personal…

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Dr. Esther Finn graduated from Macquarie University (Sydney) with a Bachelor of Chiropractic Science and Master of Chiropractic..

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Headaches include aching, dull, or throbbing pain, usually concentrated in the forehead, temples, or base of the skull. Some of these symptoms may overlap. Often people report headaches over the whole head.

Living Chiropractic Ankle Sprain

Ankle Sprain/Strain

A sprained ankle means one or more ligaments on the outer side of your ankle were stretched or torn. A sudden force like landing on an uneven surface may turn your ankle inward (inversion).

Living Chiropractic Shoulder Pain

Arm/ Shoulder Pain

There are many causes of shoulder pain. We apply a systematic approach to all our patients who have shoulder pain get find the underlying cause.


  • Testimonial
    Dr. Melissa Hayes, Chiropractor

    “As a Chiropractor, I love being able to help people reach their potential. With a well functioning nervous system we are better able to reach our potential as a wife, friend or athlete or in our chosen field of work.  The better our bodies function, the better our relationships and life flow, and we can be better ‘present’ in our lives.”

  • Testimonial
    Dr. Raelene Hiddle, Chiropractor

    “I have hope for every patient who walks in the door. I truly believe that the body can heal anything if it is in the right environment. Chiropractic is my life - I live and breathe it.”

  • Testimonial
    Dr. Michelle Clarke, Chiropractor

    “After working in the Eastern Melbourne suburbs, seeing a lot of patients who were farmers, nurses and tradies, I have a strong appreciation for providing care for people to get their health back on track promptly.”

  • Testimonial
    Alison Fox, Chiropractic Assistant

    “There are many things that l love about chiropractic; no matter your age, it can help you.”

  • Testimonial
    Esther Finn, Chiropractor

    “Chiropractic has always been part of mine and my family’s life. I would love to help you and your family experience the difference of chiropractic for your health and function.”

  • Testimonial
    Sara Brookes, Chiropractor

    “Having received chiropractic treatment myself for various sporting injuries, I understand how important chiropractic care, combined with a healthy diet, exercise and mental attitude is to achieving and maintaining optimal health.”

  • Testimonial
    Kim Young, Chiropractic Assistant

    “I love Living Chiropractic because of the love and care shown to each individual. You’re not just a number.”

  • Testimonial
    Bianca Tumminello, Chiropractic Assistant

    “I have always felt relaxed and confident in the treatments i have recieved and now with being apart of a positive and vibrant environment, i literally couldn't ask for more.”

  • Testimonial
    Brooke Mills, Chiropractic Assistant

    "I mostly enjoy watching the nurturing care given by the Practitioners to each client, making Living Chiropractic feel more like a family home than a clinic."

  • Testimonial
    Chantelle Tucker, Myotherapist

    “There's something magical about doing body work: a mixture of both science and art that comes together to enable clients to get better. The variety of techniques, approach and working with someone to reach their goals is what motivates me within myotherapy; my goal is to hear my clients say 'I feel better'.”

  • Testimonial
    Rachel, Myotherapist

    “All my experiences to date have fired up a love and passion for the industry and a motivation to assist people in achieving their optimal health and wellbeing.”

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