Arm/Shoulder Pain

Arm/Shoulder Pain

There are many causes of shoulder pain.

We apply a systematic approach to all our patients who have shoulder pain get find the underlying cause.

What It Is?

Shoulder pain can be relentless and debilitating. It can often be known as bursitis or tendinitis.

Early symptoms include:

  • Pain moving your arm and getting dressed.
  • Tingling and numbness in the hands upon waking.
  • Dull low grade ache in your shoulder.
  • Shoulder may appear dropped or forward.
  • You can usually get some temporary relief after a hot shower.

Chronic symptoms include:

  • Pain shooting or referring down the arm.
  • Pain when trying to sleep.
  • Loss of strength and range of motion.
  • Pain into your neck from your shoulder.
  • Difficultly in turning your head.

What Happens If You Don't Treat Arm/Shoulder Pain?

Research tells us that injuries left untreated do take longer to heal and have lingering pain. They are also more likely to recur and leave you with:

  • Abnormal scar tissue formation
  • Joint stiffness
  • Muscle weakness

It’s important to remember that symptoms lasting longer than three months become habitual and are much harder to solve.

The sooner you get on top of your shoulder pain the better your outcome.

How Living Chiropractic Can Help?

We are often referred patients for shoulder pain from a friend who had shoulder pain, but often the underlying causes are totally different. This is why we do a thorough assessment of your shoulder condition.

After your history we begin a thorough assessment of your spine. We have found in many cases there is an underlying spinal issue that changed how your shoulder functioned. Often this can be seen with a weakness in the many muscle tests that we perform.

We want to really understand the connection between all the parts of your body. So we will examine your spine, your shoulder, your elbow and your wrist and hands, so that we understand how it’s all working together.

Once the cause is identified, we then create a treatment plan and outline outcomes and goals.

Professional intervention by our specially trained chiropractors will help reduce the time it takes for your body to heal itself. Call us now on (03) 9580 2282 or Visit us today at 12b/93 Wells Rd, Chelsea Heights, VIC 3196, Australia