Your First Visit

What can i expect when i see a Chiropractor?

Living Chiropractic Health History

Your Health History

Your Gonstead Chiropractor is interested in any problems or symptoms you are experiencing, the quality and location of those symptoms as well as any factors that may have lead to the development of those symptoms. There are many factors that contribute to spinal problems and imbalance within the body.

Contributing factors can be past falls, accidents, illness, sports injuries, work habits, emotional stress, lifestyle habits, exercise, diet, sleep habits and previous treatment. This knowledge is an important part of your health analysis.

Getting Ready

Your Gonstead chiropractor will ask you to change into a gown in one of our private change rooms. To find the cause of your health concern we need to check the spine without interference from clothing.

Living Chiropractic Gonstead System

Postural Assessment

Your chiropractor is always observing how you move from the moment they meet you. Much information is gained from observing how you move and walk, any tilting or rotation of your head, shoulders, hips, knees etc, the curves of the spine, muscle build up or wasting and postural balance.


Your Gonstead chiropractor uses an instrument that measures skin temperature changes, comparing one side of the spine to the other.

Abnormal heat distribution in the skin gives the chiropractor information about possible nerve irritation and the potential location of subluxation.

Living Chiropractic Extremity

Static Palpation

This involves your chiropractor palpating the tissue around the spine and feeling for tenderness, swelling, muscle imbalance, inflammation and alignment.

Motion Palpation

This involves feeling for reduced movement between individual spinal segments (or other joints).

It is used to identify restriction in a spinal segment and determine the exact direction of that restriction giving the chiropractor a specific 3 dimensional understand of misalignment.

Living Chiropractic x-ray

X-Ray Analysis

Your Gonstead chiropractor may take weight bearing (standing) X-Rays to help analyse your spine. The radiographic assessment checks for any signs of pathology (disease), fracture, abnormalities, degeneration and other spinal conditions. It also gives the chiropractor valuable information about how your spine is responding to the natural forces of gravity and provides a 3 dimensional understanding of any misalignment.

Gonstead Adjustment

The Gonstead chiropractor then combines the findings of all the above factors to determine if there is indeed subluxation with the spine that needs to be adjusted, if so the location and precise requirements of the adjustment to be made.

What to Expect after an Adjustment

What to Expect after an Adjustment

Response to your first adjustment can vary a little between individuals depending on the cause and how long a problem has been present. You are likely to feel better after an adjustment.

Adjusting your spine for the first time will start the processes of restoring normal movement to the problem area. This removes pressure from the nerve allowing the spine to send better information to the brain and central nervous system. You are likely to improve.

Soreness in the 1st few days after an adjustment can be normal as swelling and inflammation settle.

The nervous system always heals from the origin of the nerve pressure out. Your chiropractor will advise you if they expect your pain to change depending on your individual circumstance.

Each adjustment improves on the last. As your brain and central nervous system start communicating better, optimal health is restored.

What should i do after an Adjustment

What Should I Do after an Adjustment?

Follow any instructions given to you by your chiropractor as they will be specific to your individual needs.

Walk for 3-5 minutes after an adjustment.

Do not use heat. This will further inflame the joint.

Use ICE to reduce the swelling. It is also a great form of pain relief.

Place the ICE pack in paper towel or a tea towel for no more than 20 minutes. (10minutes on, 10 minutes off, 10 minutes on) leave for one hour and repeat as needed.