Flexbar Resistance Tubes

FlexBar resistance tubes are used to improve strength in the arm, hand and shoulder. This strength and movement focussed approach for Tennis Elbow or Golfer’s Elbow has been proven to alleviate pain and provide an effective, non-surgical option to increasing your strength and endurance.

This is achieved by isolating the twisting, bending and oscillating movements in order to improve function and reduce pain.

In order to effectively cater for your condition alongside each stage of your progress, there are four levels of resistance available to suit your needs.

What I personally love about FlexBars is that they provide a solid structure in order to effectively perform the exercise. In majority of cases, tennis and medial elbow exercises can often be awkward and challenging to engage in and are often more mobility focussed rather than strength focussed. But this method provides a clear and straightforward option to not only promoting mobility but also improving strength which a lot of exercises may lack/be challenging to address.

If you are suffering with the symptoms of Elbow pain, it is important to consult your physician prior too engaging in exercises so that they may be catered for you to allow for graded exposure. If you would like to know more about Elbow pain, contact us on 9580 2282 or book an appointment online with one of our Myotherapists at

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