‘Love your Spine’ this World Spine Day

‘Love Your Spine’ this World Spine Day

As part of World Spine Day 2018, chiropractors at Living Chiropractic are encouraging people to take control of their spinal health

Every year on 16 October, people from around the world come together on World Spine Day (an initiative of the Global Alliance for Musculoskeletal Health) to raise awareness about spinal disorders and empower others to take charge of their spinal health.

“Our increasingly sedentary lifestyle is having a profound negative impact on our health and especially our spines. Back pain and other musculoskeletal disorders are on the rise and Australians of all ages are suffering”, explained Dr Anthony Coxon, President of the Australian Chiropractors Association. “The good news is that it is possible to prevent such spinal health issues without the need for drastic measures”, he continued.

The theme for World Spine Day this year is ‘Love your Spine’, emphasising the importance of looking after your spine and taking steps to prevent spinal disorders. Regular physical activity, good posture, lifting safely, healthy working conditions and lifestyle adjustments can improve spinal health and overall wellbeing.

Staying active helps spinal tissues and muscles stay healthy and eases the pressure on the spine. Whether it’s walking, running, swimming or taking regular breaks from sitting, Australians are encouraged to incorporate physical activity into their daily routines. Good posture also plays an integral role in optimal spinal health, as it allows the spine to be correctly aligned and reduces the amount of strain on the body.

The Australian Chiropractors Association has developed the Straighten Up Australia app to help people stay active, improve their posture and enhance spinal health. The app has posture reminders, a daily exercise program, and other helpful resources to assist Australians in taking control of their health.

“Most people underestimate the positive effects that simple lifestyle changes can have on spinal health. World Spine Day is a great opportunity to assess your activity levels, posture and other lifestyle choices, and make adjustments accordingly”, from Living Chiropractic

For existing spinal health issues or advice on how to improve spinal health, you can seek guidance from a chiropractor or other healthcare professional.

As healthcare professionals who are trained to assess and manage disorders of the musculoskeletal system, chiropractors are well-placed to offer solutions and lifestyle advice regarding spinal health issues.

To book an appointment with an ACA chiropractor, contact Living Chiropractic on 9580 2282 or visit our website to make an appointment online.

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