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Flexbar Resistance Tubes

FlexBar resistance tubes are used to improve strength in the arm, hand and shoulder. This strength and movement focussed approach for Tennis Elbow or Golfer’s Elbow has been proven to alleviate pain and provide an effective, non-surgical option to increasing your strength and endurance. This is achieved by isolating the twisting, bending and oscillating movements […]
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Cross Crawling Exercises

“Contrary to earlier beliefs within the scientific community, a recent wave of discovery has quite clearly revealed that the brain retains its ability to adapt to its ever-changing environment throughout life.  Furthermore, it is becoming clear to neuroscientist how important it is for our brains to maintain an accurate and up-to-date inner ‘map’, of the […]
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How do you know if you’ve had a good night’s sleep?

When Walker talks about sleep he can’t, in all conscience, limit himself to whispering comforting nothings about chamomile tea and warm baths. It’s his conviction that we are in the midst of a “catastrophic sleep-loss epidemic”, the consequences of which are far graver than any of us could imagine. This situation, he believes, is only […]
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