Ankle Sprain/Strain

Ankle Sprain/Strain

Ankle sprains are very common injuries.

A sprained ankle means one or more ligaments on the outer side of your ankle were stretched or torn. A sudden force like landing on an uneven surface may turn your ankle inward (inversion). When this happens, one, two or three of your ligaments may be hurt.

What It Is?

A sprain can be as easy as losing your balance and rolling your ankle awkwardly. The pain quickly fades away and you go on your way


A sprain could be more severe; your ankle might swell and it might hurt too much to stand on it. If it’s a severe sprain, you might have felt a “pop” when the injury happened.

Or you may have chronic pain and instability

If you didn’t complete rehabilitation, you could suffer chronic pain, instability and arthritis in your ankle. If your ankle still hurts, it could mean that the sprained ligament has not healed right, or that some other injury also happened.

We often see ankle sprains months or years after the initial injury. Unfortunately for some people even if they followed maintenance exercises they cannot restore their ankles flexibility, range of motion or strength.

These usually tend to become obvious after jogging or long walks, especially on uneven ground, but as the symptoms may be in a distant joint, you do not necessarily think of that old ankle injury being the origin of it.

What Happens If You Don't Treat Ankle Sprain/Strain?

If a sprain is not treated properly, you could have long-term problems such as pain and it’s more likely that you’ll hurt the same ankle again.

In fact, “the most common predisposition to suffering a sprain is the history of having suffered a previous ankle sprain.”1

Hertel J. Functional anatomy, pathomechanics, and pathophysiology of lateral ankle instability. J Athl Train, 2002 Dec;37(4):364-375.

How Living Chiropractic Can Help?

Chiropractors understand the way the ankle is built, and use chiropractic adjustments to reduce pain and inflammation and promote faster healing.
We thoroughly assess all the bones in your ankle and foot.

We want to really understand the connection between all the parts of your body. So we will examine your spine, your hip, your knee and your ankle and foot, because often after a sprained ankle it causes problems in the knee and spine above.

Once the cause is identified, we then create a treatment plan and outline outcomes and goals.

Professional intervention by our specially trained chiropractors will help reduce the time it takes for your body to heal itself. Call us now on (03) 9580 2282 or Visit us today at 12b/93 Wells Road, Chelsea Heights, VIC 3196, Australia