COVID-19 Restrictions 7 Day Lockdown

COVID-19 Restrictions 7 Day Lockdown

Due to health concerns around the current COVID-19 virus pandemic the clinic is following the guidelines set out by the government and going above and beyond to ensure we continue to provide the best possible care for our clients throughout this period.

FAQ’s we’ve already been asked

Is Living Chiropractic OPEN?

Yes, our services are classified as ESSENTIAL HEALTH CARE and continue to remain open. While we promote a message of preventative care, in the current climate and following DHHS recommendations, we aim to limit the traffic in our community to keep us all safe.

We will be asking you if your care is essential.

You may be wondering what does essential care mean?

We feel everyone will fall into the following three categories:

• Acute Dysfunction – your symptoms are stopping you from performing your activities of daily living or limiting you from caring for others.  Come on in! We are here for you.
• You are experiencing symptoms, and if these symptoms could lead to further deterioration in functional independence which would result in an escalation of care needs, call us and we can talk you through if you are classified as essential.
• You would like a check-up, but generally feel quite good? We will see you next week

Can I travel for my appointment more than 5kms from home?

Yes. The DHHS has advised “You can leave home to receive health care or attend medical appointments. If you need to see a doctor or health care professional, you should do so. Do not put off getting medical care”.

You are allowed to travel more than 5kms from your home for healthcare reasons, such as for an appointment.

Will Remedial Massage and Myotherapy be open?

Yes, Myotherapy has been classified as ESSENTIAL HEALTH CARE and as such is available for essential care as defined above.
At this stage Remedial Massage is closed.

What if I am stopped for questioning by authorities on my way?

You will be required to show the SMS confirmation or emailed receipt of payment as proof of appointment if you are stopped by authorities to enquire why you have left your house.

What else are we doing to help?

All practitioners are wearing relevant PPE equipment. We are cleaning tables and treatment areas between patients. Using hand sanitiser, maintaining social distancing when possible and have installed perspex guards at reception for you and our receptions staff’s safety.

Stay well!

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